Thursday, December 23, 2010

Playroom Organization Ideas

After spending some time at my sisters and looking at the tornado that exists in my daughter's playroom, I have started to collect some ideas for storage and organization for their playroom.  I can't do much about the horrible drop ceiling and jalousy (sp?) windows, or the carpet.  So I'm going to post some pics and point out the stuff I think I'd like to incorporate in our room. 
The back room is rectangular.  I love the lower modular shelving along the two walls.  I would want to do this on one wall and make them deeper so that the shelves could become window seats.

The entertainment center we have works in our room but I like this modualr center better.  I also like there is not a large couch in this room.  Our back room has a large couch-bed that is old and broken.  It needs to go.

The other thing I like about this room is the use of baskets to store toys.  I'd much rather see the baskets than the toys.

My kids have tons of books.  They love to look at books and they love being read to.  As a teacher, I hate putting my books on a shelf with just the spines showing.  I know that kids don't choose books by the spines.  At my kid's ages, they chose books by their covers! 

I love these floating shelves.  I have floating shelves that my brother built for me in my living room.  I like the idea of continuity to the back playroom.  Besides, it wont be a playroom forever and I don't want to have to redesign everything when that time comes. 

Instead of a small table underneath, I'd put a couple of baskets for books needing to be reshelved and/or extras to circulate through.  I'd also want a couple of comfy chairs.  This shelving is pictures between two doorways.  Our is on a huge wall.

I LOVE this as a storage option for toys the girls want to get their hands on often.  I think I could make it work to store other things when the toys are gone someday.  I like that it has an old farmhouse feel. 

 The art table here would be perfect for the girls.  It's wide enough to fit two and has storage bins for all the supplies they need to create all the wonderful things they like to create.  I worry a little that it's too small for them for long term though.

Maybe something like this, times 2...would be better long term for the girls.  I love the butcher paper roll.  I don't like the bench though.  I think I'd prefer they have chairs.

An option with this desk is to put two sets of those floating book shelves in and in between them the desks.  Then on the wall inbetween, there could be some wire hung so the girls could hang their hard dry or to display.

Okay, I think that's enough for now.  What do you think?

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  1. I so wish I had a dedicated playroom again, aaahhh all the toys in ONE spot! I like the ideas you have so far and think IKEA is in your future. Don't forget to shop Craigslist. If you know what you're looking for and what retail is on the item Craigslist is a GREAT place to find what you're looking for cheap! For the books, while floating shelves are very nice a reliable and inexpensive pre-finished item it gutters, yes gutters. The nice thing is that they are a shelf, albeit a small one but easy for little people to put things away and not slide off the edge or have to be perfect. They are easy to cut to size, have pre-made end caps and are put together with a little glue and a few screws. Look at, they have a section dedicated to solutions for "stuff" that has had lots of these kinds of tips. Open bins really do seem to work best - with girls at least. Organization thus far seems to be LOST on boys!